Info and arrival

From this page you will find information about services in Sokkari shopping center and how to arrive in Sokkari. Sokkari is located at Kauppakatu 24


ATM's are located next to the main entrance in Kauppakatu in the 1st floor and in the entrance of Asemakatu in the -1 floor.


Everyone is welcome to Sokkari. We have taken into consideration customers with movement restrictions and customers with strollers. Lifts take you conveniently between floors. In connection with restrooms is also restroom for disabled customers.


Lost items can be inquired from Sokos, Mestarin Herkku and Hesburger.


By foot or bicycle

Shopping center Sokkari is located in heart of Jyväskylä, in Kauppakatu. Bicycle parking is right next to entrance of Sokkari